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Get your spam situation under control!!

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JEP(S) brings the control over your mail system back to you with a combination of proven technologies and new thinking. Its very effective greylisting implementation alone can block up to 98% of all spam before it even gets inside your mail system and with this reduce the overall system load.

Built around a modular and scalable approach it gives you full control over several different easy tunable filters that both fit both stand-alone mail systems as well as enterprises with multiple gateways and millions of mail sessions per day. JEP(S) is suitable for any internet facing Exchange server running 2007/2010/2013/2016 and also older Exchange servers running 2000/2003 or even IIS SMTP servers. 

With the support for IIS SMTP which comes with the Windows server you can easily build secure mail gateway perimeter networks around it, no matter what your mail system is. You can even reuse old Windows XP licenses to build protected SMTP gateways.

New features introduced in version 2.7.0:

Exchange 2016 Support for Exchange 2016 implemented.


New features introduced in version 2.4-2.6.4:

Exchange 2013 Support for Exchange 2013 implemented.
Database support JEP(S) now supports builtin support for SQL Compact as well as  full size SQL installations.


New features introduced in version 2.3.6:

Language support JEP(S) Admin and the Listener can now display the GUI in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Swedish and traditional Chinese.
Local time Time stamps can be displayed and stored in either UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) or local time
Encryption Communication between the components can be optionally or enforcably encrypted.
Settings stored in the registry can be encrypted.
JEP(S) Listener JEP(S) Server now supports up to 10 JEP(S) Listeners concurrently.
Entries displayed in the Listener can now be added and removed to the black and whitelists directly from its interface by right clicking on an entry.
JEP(S) Server Static blacklisting has been implemented.
Improved database cleanup routines for systems with very high loads.
New email address LDAP loading routine.
New RBL lookup routine.

JEP(S) ListenerJEP(S) has been designed with the main purpose to give mail administrators a highly configurable tool to stem the continuous tide of spam. We provide a feature limited version for free. This free version has no time limit, but provides only the basic features.

And as it is built to be flexible it plays well with both other spam protection systems as well as with antivirus scanners on your mail system. It can be installed on everything from stand alone mail servers to high availability environments using clustering services together will multiple mail gateways.


The other well known functions of JEP(S) are:
Support for Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 and IIS SMTP.  
Spam protection through grey listing. Spammers worst nightmare.
Real time Black Lists (RBL). Utilize known good lists of spam sources in real time.
Real time White Lists (RWL). Ensures compatibility with larger corporations.
Automatic white listing of outbound email (AWL). Speed up replies of outgoing emails from your organization.
Pass-through of authenticated sessions. Allows for external users to bypass JEP(S).
Real time and historical graphical overviews of the activity. Graphs available in the administration console and is also saved as images which are updated several times an hour. Read more...
Automatic Real time Blacklist Submission. A new technology which let several servers collaborate against spammers.
Reduces the load on your mail servers. Conserves CPU, memory and disc space by filtering emails before they've recieved by the mail system. Can be used in conjuction with existing spam filters to reduce server load.
One server supports several mail gateways.  
Support for SQL and local databases.  
Monitor all sessions live. The JEP(S) Listener. Can be run on both the server as well as your workstation to monitor live traffic and filter actions.
Static white and black listing of email addresses and IP's. Allows mail administrators to pinpoint both known good and bad mail servers and email addresses.
Many easy adjustable parameters.  
Tarpitting. JEP(S) slow spammers down by optionally enabling delays in responses to suspects.
No spyware - No adware.   

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