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The below images are some of the default graphs automatically generated by JEP(S).

Get to know your enemy.

JEP(S) Admin Graph
Introduced in v2.1, JEP(S) now includes a statistical graphing engine which saves statistical data and represents this a graphs. The nine most common graphs are included in JEP(S) as default and are updated every five minutes.
These images can then be included in monthly usage reports or represented in real time on your website.

In addition to this there it's possible to write your own definitions and generate an unlimited amount of custom graphs to your own liking. You can for example change time spans, what is included in the graph, compare different months to each other and change the color schemas. Four sample definitions are included to get you started.
The custom graphs are just like the default graphs automatically updated every five minutes.

The default graphs shows you statistics over the last three hours, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The size and basic properties of these graphs are easily changed in JEP(S) Admin. Transparent thumbnails and small representations of the three hours and daily graphs are also included as default. These can easily be included in web pages for a quick overview of the current status. Or why not have an active desktop link to the three hours transparent graph? Then you always have the situation at your fingertips.

JEP(S) Admin GraphComplimentary to the graphs there's a free reporting front-end if you're using SQL as the back-end database. This reporting tool is web based and will give you details over blocked and passed totals, block and passed ratios, daily processing, top 10 block and pass IP's. This tool also let's you look up email address entries in the database if you for example need to trace an session. It can also show you the current static and dynamic white lists.
This reporting package is provided by SI-Portal free of charge and is not supported by Proxmea.

Thumbnails of last three hours and daily


Small images of last three hours and daily


Full size images of three hours, day, week, month and year.

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